Cabaniss Loves Respite Care

If you or someone you know are taking care of someone with a developmental disability, you know it can be incredibly taxing. It is truly a full-time job and can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. We tip our hats to the hard working individuals out there; it’s not easy. Because we know how much work full-time care for someone is because of our group homes, we know the importance of breaks to combat burnout. For that reason, one of our core offerings at Cabaniss Consultants is respite care.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is short-term, temporary relief for those that care for someone who would otherwise need permanent placement in a group home or other facility. The most important thing that you can look for in respite care services is that the individual will enjoy their time in a safe environment and that you can rest easy knowing that they are well taken care of. The positive effects of respite care allow caretakers to avoid burnout, delay out-of-home placements and even lessen the chances of neglect or abuse.

How Long Can You Use Respite Care?

The amount of time needed for this short-term care can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Whether you and your significant other need a week of vacation to recharge, a date night, or you just need to run a day’s worth of errands, respite care can be a great tool for your short-term care needs. While the individual is in our care they will feel loved, a part of our group home family, and will have wonderful home-cooked meals!

Who Can Use This Service?

There are an estimated 50 million people who look after a family member whether it’s the elderly, their spouses, or individuals with disabilities. Cabaniss Consultants offers services specifically for those who look after an individual with developmental disabilities. When you are taking care of someone, you also need to practice self-care.

We often see people who have put off respite care for too long. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to give yourself a break. Everyone needs a vacation from time to time and those who take care of someone need it more than most because it is an around the clock calling. At Cabaniss, we have people who use us on a monthly basis to a once a year basis for respite care. Our staff enjoys getting to know our individuals and give them the best care possible whether they are with us for an hour or for a month.

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