Cabaniss Cares About Security and Safety

In the medical industry, security is a crucial part of what we do. It is an important part of what we do, just like being careful, clean, and thorough. There are lots of rules and guidelines that we follow to make sure that our individuals can thrive in a comfortable and safe environment. We are proud to be licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services since 2001. Cabaniss is also approved to be a provider of the Medicaid Community Living Waiver Services. To be approved for these licenses, there are certain guidelines we need to abide by.

In 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by President Bill Clinton and the United States Congress. HIPAA combats waste in the healthcare system as well as helps prevent fraud and abuse in healthcare and health insurance. This law sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection by holding companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) accountable. To keep compliance, Cabaniss must have physical, network, and process security measures in place to make sure that the information on our individuals is secure.

Cabaniss accomplishes HIPAA compliance through many different systems. One system that we use for this is a security system with encrypted cameras. When companies install cameras, they often don’t think about them being encrypted, but this is something that we have to do to keep our individuals’ information private. These cameras not only help keep us compliant and accountable, but they also allow our staff to be able to check on our individuals in any common area such as the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Another example is that with the glance of a screen, our staff can see if an individual is putting themselves in a situation that could cause them harm and get to the individual to prevent it.

Another system that Cabaniss uses is a barcode scanning system for medications. The last thing we would ever want to do is give the wrong dosage or prescription to our individuals. With our barcode system, we are able to scan the prescription, see who the medication is for and how much to give. This keeps us accountable with technology so that we have electronic records on their prescriptions. This is also done under the watch of our cameras to add another layer of accountability.

At Cabaniss, safety and security are an important part of what we do. We not only meet HIPAA standards, but we aim to go above and beyond to provide the best environment for our individuals. Cabaniss embraces current and cutting-edge technology to give our individuals the best care in Lynchburg and surrounding areas.