2019 First Quarter Meeting

Four times a year, the entire Team at Cabaniss Consultants gets together and syncs up about what has been going on the past few months. Team members have a chance to sit and chat with others who they don’t see due to working different shifts or working at different houses. The energy is always great! Each team member is greeted as they come in the door by supervisors and their fellow team members. Quite a bit has happened over the in the past 3 months at Cabaniss; here’s a quick glance at what was said:

Emergency Preparedness

With the winter season came some weather issues. When a powerful ice storm hit Central Virginia, two of our group homes were without power. Our staff met the challenge and exceeded the expectations of their supervisors. There were issues with the hotel dropping our reservation, which caused some stress, but we were impressed that the staff didn’t pass this stress on to the individuals. Even though this was a big change from the normal routines for the individuals and team members, everyone was calm, occupied and relaxed. Our staff was so attentive to the needs of the individuals; they made sure to bring the small things that would alleviate stress and make a hotel room feel more like home. We awarded our staff involved in this a certificate of appreciation as well as a bonus check.
Another incident that occurred was a dehumidifier had a short which set off a fire alarm in our homes. We were impressed by the professionalism our staff displayed and how they followed our fire safety protocol perfectly. Cabaniss was also thankful of the quick response of local fire and safety officials. There was no damage caused by the dehumidifier, but we were once again impressed by the actions of our staff.

Changes to Medication Systems

Cabaniss Consultants is proud of our ongoing commitment to using new technology to serve our individuals. Part of that technology is our electronic medication administration system. The new pharmacy service provider system that we use to keep track of our administrations of the medications to our individuals. This includes a courier service to deliver medications for us and same day delivery on some items. We are excited to see how this will help our individuals and staff in the coming months.


We try to always have a health and safety take away from our meetings that our staff can apply immediately to their day-to-day work. This quarter we wanted to emphasize cleaning the dryer lint filter after each use. Undisposed of lint is one of the leading causes of house fires, we believe this is a great practice not only at work but in their own homes as well!