Gracie & Scotty’s Story

When Cabaniss Consultants first started, it was run by a small team, out of the Cabaniss family home, with a simple mission to create harmony for individuals with developmental disabilities. We went from these humble beginnings to 4 group homes, including a custom-built home for our individuals, and dozens of fantastic, hard-working, employees. When starting our first group home, we didn’t foresee the scale that our company would grow and the number of individuals we would have the privilege to create harmony and balance for.

One of our first individuals to come into our care was Scotty about 18 years ago. His very sweet mother, Gracie, was looking for a group home for her son and made the long drive up to our Candler’s Mountain home from Danville. After a few different group homes, she had expectations that Cabaniss would be just like the rest. Gracie was surprised as we were able to assess Scotty prior to him coming and discover that he had autism that was undiagnosed. She was surprised to hear this, but when telling her about how the spectrum works, things started to make more sense. We then went into what our goals in teaching Scotty would be, how we would care for him, and areas that we think we can make a big impact. For Gracie, this was a different experience than she was used to, as others would simply show her where her son would eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom.

Cabaniss Consultants understands that when you are looking for a home for your loved one, you are looking for more than a place for them to sleep, but a place to grow, learn, build relationships and feel loved. When we are taking care of an individual, we feed them, help them with their hygiene, make sure that they are happy and healthy just like other care providers. Where we differ is the level of care and attention to detail that we provide to each individual, as well as their family. Our individuals work with us to set goals and we help them achieve them and feel empowered! At Cabaniss, each individual’s path to harmony and balance is our priority.