Program Standards for Individuals in Cabaniss Programs

All individuals living in and attending Cabaniss programs are responsible for following these rules of conduct.

  1. You will be kind and respect the rights of others at all times.
  2. You will follow your schedules and participate in your programs.
  3. You will keep your living areas and personal space clean.
  4. You may not destroy property that doesn't belong to you.
  5. This is a smoke free environment. Smoking is not allowed.
  6. No illegal substances or weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises.
  7. You will follow safety rules and practice emergency training, such as fire drills.
  8. Shouting, temper tantrums, cussing and hitting others is not tolerated.
  9. Sharing and taking turns is important for everyone especially when using the phone..
  10. Treat other people like you want to be treated.