Application and Referral Process for Admission to Services

CSBs/Behavior Health and other referring agencies referring Individuals for services should submit to Cabaniss the following to be considered for admission: (email to or fax to 434-846-2190)

Upon receipt of the above, Cabaniss Consultants, LLC representatives will call to schedule a visit & interview the individual;

Complete the Skills Behavior Checklist;

Schedule a visit to the group home (need copies of Rx, medications, money, picture ID, emergency contact)

During the visit, review Skills Checklist, write detailed activity notes;

Make recommendations for transitioning if considered to meet criteria for admission

Prior to beginning services the referring agency should submit to Cabaniss the following;

  • DMAS-225 (Notice of Action on Medicaid and FAMIS Programs)
  • Physical exam including TB test completed less than 30 days prior to admission
  • Copy of all prescriptions including prescriptions for over the counter medications
  • Statement of Income from SSA
  • Copy of SSN card
  • Copies of Medicaid and other insurance cards
  • Photo ID card
  • Proof of Citizenship (Birth Certificate)