History of Cabaniss Consultants, LLC

James Cabaniss worked at Central Virginia Training Center in Lynchburg for 20 years and Ginie Cabaniss worked there and for the Office of Mental Retardation (now the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS)) in Richmond. James has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and has completed graduate courses in neuropsychology. Ginie has a Master of Science in Education and a certificate in Paralegal Studies. Upon their retirement, they wanted to continue helping individuals with developmental disabilities.

James and Ginie, together with their son Danny and daughter Amy, began Cabaniss Consultants, LLC in August 2000 to help individuals and families access services in the community and to help them build supports so they could live successfully in the community. The initial focus of the agency was to provide consultation and training to the community. Cabaniss then received their license from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) in April 2001 to provide residential services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Cabaniss now provides residential services in sponsored, group and individual homes.

Cabaniss has provided services to over 100 individuals, many who were at high risk of being institutionalized due to very challenging behaviors. Ninety percent of these individuals continue to live successfully in the community. Encouraging individuals to live an active and healthy life style has energized and motivated them to become more independent. Gradually they begin to replace negative and socially unacceptable habits with positive and productive interactions.

Cabaniss plans to expand services to meet other needs of individuals in the community. These additional services will enhance and improve their quality of life and enable them to become contributing members of society.